Se Menea-The Bachata Movie



After losing his legs in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), a man returns home to learn to dance again and fall in love once more with the woman he left behind.  


Marcus Cruz, comes home ready to lead the dance stage with the help of his brother, dance studio owner Samuel Cruz, former girlfriend Amber, and his X3 prosthetic legs. The studio, Semeneya, is located in San Antonio, Texas. Both the studio and the city face Draven Corporation which intends on demolishing large parts of the town to build a massive detention center.

Draven is a conniving-narcissistic CEO. He tasks his right-hand man Alec, a refined but money-hungry lawyer, to shut down Semeneya. Alec enlists Chad, one of the studio’s instructors to get information that will help Draven Corp shut down the dance studio.

Marcus, determined not to let the studio close, uses his charm to regroup his Veteran friends, spread the message through social media, and build the largest protest the city of San Antonio has ever endured in an effort to stop Draven Corporation from demolishing buildings.  But Marcus knows the protest is a temporary fix.  So, he works his charisma to find a way to stop Draven Corp.  Eventually, with the help of his funny and caring cousin (Baldo), he uncovers a loophole.

Meanwhile, Samuel, understanding that his studio may close, and with Amber’s help, trains Marcus and Dayana to perform an unforgettable bachata dance routine in time for Semeneya’s last dance competition.

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